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BricksBen - LEGO Despicable Me Minion - Many Minions

Our Despicable Me Minion is on the best LEGO® blog on the web!

Thank you to The Brothers Brick for their post “Ba-ba-ba, Ba-banana…” – we are honoured to be featured again in the best LEGO® blog on the web! To order or customise your very own Despicable Me Minion made with original LEGO® elements, drop us a line here.

We had fun with LEGO® at The Broers Cafe!

The nice folks at The Broers Cafe invited BricksBen to conduct a beginner workshop on 16 June 2013. We had a morning of brick-building fun with four creations: WALL-E, Little Pony, Magnet SLR and F1 Racer. Thank you Broers and to everyone who came. Check out pictures here!

We built it live with LEGO® for BoConcept Singapore!

BricksBen is honoured to be invited by Danish furniture store BoConcept for their “Proud to be Danish” event on 22 May 2013 at Paragon Singapore. We built their Ottawa Chair and our Retro Typewriter in LEGO®, made LEGO® Denmark flags to be given away, and had our creations on display. Check out pictures here!

Our Retro Typewriter is on the best LEGO® blog on the web!

A big thank you to The Brothers Brick for their post “Tiny retro typewriter goes clickity clack”, which includes a link to our submission on LEGO® CUUSOO! We are honoured to be featured in the best LEGO® blog on the web. You guys rock!

We made some Noise, Singapore!

Thank you National Arts Council Singapore for selecting BricksBen to showcase our original LEGO® creations at Pop-Up Noise Singapore from 15 to 24 March 2013 at Raffles City Singapore. Check out some pictures here!

Live to Ssshoot Snake Mosaic with Red Dot Photo Singapore!

Here’s the behind-the-scenes video of our Year of the Snake Mosaic commissioned by Red Dot Photo for Chinese New Year 2013. Built in eight sections, the completed mosaic measures one metre tall, half a metre wide and used more than 8,000 pieces. All time-lapse footage and stills by Red Dot Photo.

A journey of a thousand smiles begins with a single brick!

Welcome to! Here you can enjoy LEGO® art by two designers from Melaka and Singapore, and get free tips on building it better with LEGO®.

If you’d like to buy or customise our creations, or commission us to build your own LEGO® masterpiece, please contact us.

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Our latest creations

BricksBen - LEGO Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Star Trek USS Enterprise

BricksBen - LEGO BoConcept Ottawa Chair

BoConcept Ottawa Chair

BricksBen - LEGO Mini Castle

Mini Castle

BricksBen - LEGO Little Pony

My Little Pony

BricksBen - LEGO Christ Church Melaka - Magnet

Melaka Christ Church (Magnet)

BricksBen - LEGO Christ Church Melaka - Frame

Melaka Christ Church (Frame)

BricksBen - LEGO Woodnotes EP Mosaic

Jonathan Meur Woodnotes EP Mosaic

BricksBen - LEGO Origami Crane

Origami Crane

BricksBen - LEGO Typewriter

Retro Typewriter

BricksBen - LEGO Rotary Phone

Rotary Phone

BricksBen - LEGO Chapteh

Chapteh Boleh

BricksBen - LEGO Micro Videocamera

Micro Videocamera

BricksBen - LEGO Pencil

Mighty Pencil

BricksBen - LEGO Shuttlecock

Smashing Shuttlecock

BricksBen - LEGO Hotten Mecha Warrior

Hotten Mecha Warrior

BricksBen - Snake Mosaic - Display at Red Dot Photo Singapore

CNY Snake Mosaic

BricksBen - LEGO Fortune Bamboo

Fortune Bamboo

BricksBen - LEGO Lucky Pineapple

Lucky Pineapple

BricksBen - LEGO Chinese Knot

Chinese Knot

BricksBen - LEGO Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog

BricksBen - Santa Sled

Santa In Fine City

BricksBen - Leica - Front

Like a Leica

BricksBen - BSLR White - Front

Brick SLR

BricksBen - Rolleiflex - Front

Mini Rolleiflex

BricksBen - Polaroid - Front

Mini Polaroid

BricksBen - LEGO Lapis Microcam

Lapis Microcam

BricksBen - LEGO Barch Mecha Warrior

Barch Mecha Warrior

BricksBen - LEGO Pachyderm Mecha Warrior

Pachyderm Mecha Warrior

BricksBen - LEGO Roach Mecha Warrior

Roach Mecha Warrior

BricksBen - LEGO Diguetia Mecha Warrior

Diguetia Mecha Warrior

BricksBen - LEGO Black Hawk Mecha Warrior

Black Hawk Mecha Warrior

BricksBen - LEGO SCDF Red Rhino

SCDF Red Rhino

BricksBen - LEGO Ladybird

Sassy Ladybird

BricksBen - LEGO WALL-E


BricksBen - LEGO Carousel Paris

Paris Carousel

BricksBen - LEGO ERP Gantry Singapore

ERP Gantry Singapore

BricksBen - LEGO Empire State Building

Empire State (Magnet)

BricksBen - LEGO Blue Whale

Blue Blue Whale

BricksBen - LEGO Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna (Magnet)

BricksBen - LEGO F1 Racer

F1 Racer

BricksBen - LEGO Tuk-Tuk


BricksBen - LEGO Happy Poop

Happy Poop