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Retro Typewriter

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Our Retro Typewriter is featured in the best LEGO® blog on the web!

A big thank you to The Brothers Brick for their post “Tiny retro typewriter goes clickity clack”, which includes a link to our submission on LEGO® CUUSOO! We are honoured to be featured in the best LEGO® blog on the web. You guys rock!

Could this be just your type? The typewriter lives on in our LEGO® version! This is a perfect example of how LEGO® elements can pack so much detail in something so small. A retro creation for both the young and the young at heart – imagine this typewriter on your desk!

Construction notes: On the “terraces” that the keys rest on, the use of SNOT (studs not on top) technique with headlight bricks (see coloured parts in cross-section view) works well in creating a gentle slope that matches the external casing. Note also the use of mini levers for the typebars!

Wanna see this made into an official LEGO® product? Vote for our Retro Typewriter on LEGO® CUUSOO!

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